Meet the Board and Staff

NCIL’s Governing Board is composed of 22 individuals, a majority of whom have disabilities. The Governing Board meets four times each year. A seven member Executive Committee, which meets monthly via teleconference, is empowered to make policy decisions between Governing Board meetings.

NCIL Board of Directors

NCIL Board of Directors poses for a group photo at the 2016 Annual ConferenceExecutive Committee:

  • Lou Ann Kibbee, President
  • Bruce Darling, Vice President
  • Roger Howard, Treasurer
  • Mary Margaret Moore, Secretary
  • Kelly Buckland, Executive Director
  • Dustin Gibson, Diversity Committee Chair
  • Maureen Ryan, Regional Representative Committee Chair

Regional Representatives: Sarah Launderville (Region 1), Chad Underwood (Region 2), Jan Derry (Region 3), Kent Crenshaw (Region 4), Maureen Ryan (Region 5), Julie Espinoza (Region 6), Roger Frischenmeyer (Region 7), Tami Hoar (Region 8), Sheri Burns (Region 9), Doug Toelle (Region 10)

Members At Large: Darrel Christenson, Brian Peters, Jessie Lorenz, Amity Lachowicz, Steve Higgins, and Felicia Agrelius

Youth Member At Large: Emily Ladau

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NCIL Staff

Lindsay Baran, Policy Analyst

Sarah Blahovec, Disability Vote Organizer

Kelly Buckland, Executive Director

Eleanor Canter, Communications Coordinator

Kings Floyd, Youth Transitions Fellow

Tim Fuchs, Operations Director

Patricia Gill, Accountant

Cara Liebowitz, Development Coordinator

Denise Monroe, Member Services Associate

Rie Terashima, Administrative Assistant




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