NCIL-ABT Partnership

ABT LogoThe National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) is announcing an exciting first of its kind fundraising opportunity for our members that will give CILs the ability to generate new unrestricted income, without placing a burden on a Center’s time or resources. In fact there is no investment at all required by Centers, which now have an opportunity to generate revenue by simply using the resources they already have.

NCIL and Accessible Bath Technologies (ABT) have worked together to create this opportunity for CILs, and are officially announcing details today about how NCIL members can sign up and participate. The NCIL-ABT CIL Partnership will establish new revenue streams for CILs in every state, and educate the community about a uniquely accessible bathing system specifically designed for people with disabilities called MyControl. NCIL encourages our members to participate in this program because this partnership offer financially strengthens IL advocacy at the national level, and gives our members a fundraising tool at the local level.

The NCIL-ABT national agreement specifies that ABT will compensate NCIL for national advertising and outreach efforts for each MyControl Bathing System sold in the United States through this partnership. However NCIL, which receives $2,000 per unit under the agreement, wants to split this amount evenly with local CILs where MyControl units are sold.

The NCIL-ABT Partnership is also launching the Independent Sales Program, created specifically for people with disabilities and consumers of CIL employment programs. It gives employment seekers an opportunity to create their own business, set their own schedule, and determine their own financial future. Independent Sales Representatives work with individuals, organizations, and companies to find potential consumers of MyControl Bathing Systems and refer them to ABT. For their work, ABT will compensate Sales Reps $500 for each successful referral. If the Sales Rep has ties with a local CIL, ABT will still give NCIL $2,000 for the referral, and NCIL will accordingly send the local CIL a check for $1,000! This means that CILs with little staff can use Sales Reps as a tool for generating income.

NCIL encourages our members to take advantage of this opportunity and apply online at ABT’s website using the link below to get started. The application takes less than 5 minutes, and ABT will respond quickly to get your CIL involved right away. Read the NCIL-ABT CIL Partnership Guide or visit the NCIL or ABT website for more information.

About Accessible Bath Technologies

ABT is the creator of the MyControl Bathing System, is an assistive technology (AT) company dedicated to IL and building accessible products for people with disabilities. Over the past two years ABT has made significant financial contributions to IL and national disability advocacy, and its leaders have been recognized for their commitment to disability rights. ABT continually invests in innovation to produce the most accessible products available, and uses technology as a way to eliminate barriers and enable people with disabilities to live more independently. For more information about ABT and its partnership with NCIL, visit ABT online at or email us at