About the NCIL Voting Rights Subcommittee

The mission of the NCIL Voting Rights Task Force is to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the electoral process in order to maximize our ability to affect federal, state, and local political priorities. This will include registering and educating all consumers, staff, family and allies to vote. This will include contacting political candidates to determine their positions on various disability issues.  This includes encouraging people with disabilities to become candidates for public office at all levels of government.

This Task Force is currently open to accepting new members. Current NCIL individual membership is required to join any NCIL Committee, Subcommittee, Task Force, or Caucus.

Full political participation for Americans with disabilities is a top priority. NCIL Voting Rights Subcommittee works with state and national coalitions on effective, non-partisan campaigns to:

  • Eliminate barriers to voting, promoting accessible voting technology and polling places;
  • Educate voters about issues and candidates;
  • Promote turnout of voters with disabilities across the country; and
  • Protect eligible voters’ right to participate in elections.

Important Resources:

Accessible Websites

Make Your Sample Ballot Accessible

These companies have a track record with making sample ballots accessible:

Make Your State’s Online Voting Registration Process Accessible

  • New York Online Voting Stipulation (PDF): A binding court document in which the New York Board of Elections agrees in detail to make their Online Voter Registration accessible. The details specifically mention making PDFs accessible. They must do this now so it will be accessible this year (2016) for the Presidential election. The case is continuing – this is just the beginning! The same laws that got the state to agree apply to sample ballots, as well as the rest of the website. Now that this is public, suits to make sample ballots will be coming quickly because most of the legal heavy lifting is done.