Parent Educator/Peer Navigator (PE/PN), Successful Parenting – DC (Washington, DC)

Position Summary: Parent Educator/Peer Navigator (PE/PN) will provide home and community based training in parenting and life skills and provide case management and support to DC families.They will support families in reaching their goals and in navigating the DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) and the DC Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and other systems of care to achieve these goals. The PE/PN will be culturally competent and be an individual with a disability or the parent/caregiver of a individual with a disability. The PE/PN will be supervised by the Program Manager. 

  • Building on the families’ strengths, provide in-home and community-based direct instruction on parenting and life skills, case management services and support to DC parents.
  • Assist the family in navigating CFSA, DDA and other DC systems of care
  • Provide support to families to engage in positive Peer Support activities
  • Provide advocacy and training to referral sources made on behalf of the family
  • Act as a resource to families and teams with a focus on emotional and behavioral health
  • Provide culturally responsive coaching/training to families
  • Assist families to identify their wants, needs and desires
  • Participate in training, local or statewide meetings
  • Act as a liaison between family, providers, and support agencies
  • Work collaboratively with community agencies
  • Maintain required data and reports
  • Maintain confidentiality of all client protected health information
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and cultural sensitivity in all interactions
  • Assist families to use their voice of experience to impact service creation, delivery and evaluation


  • Lived experience as a person with a disability or the parent/caregiver of an individual with a disability
  • Knowledge of the DC CFSA and DC DDA scope of services
  • Skills in Engagement, Relationship Building, and Collaboration with Families and Caregivers
  • Knowledge of Community Systems, Partnerships and Resources


  • Valid driver’s license and/or reliable transportation
  • Excellent PC skills with demonstrated experience using Microsoft Office and the internet
  • Training and public speaking skills are helpful
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Must be able to access personal residence of participants that may not be ADA compliant
  • Must be able to speak and communicate with program participants in the same manner as the program participant.


Parent Educator — Peer Navigator job description –6/23/16; 1/23/18